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Feetify Reviews – Scam or Legit Website for Selling Feet Pics?

Feetify is a 100% legit website for buying and selling feet pics online.

This extensive Feetify review article provides a lot more insight into how this site works and why it can be trusted for selling or buying pictures and even videos of feet.

So, yes, Feetify is a legit and genuine site that is making waves in terms of its features and claims as one of the best platforms for foot lovers.

It is not surprising that the question of whether it is a scam or a genuine site would arise.

This is expected and clarification is needed to provide an objective review of the website.

So, if you are asking if Feetify is a scam or a genuine site, then I will ask you to read through the remaining parts of this post.

You will get a review about Feetify, also, you will get to know whether this site is scam or genuine, and why.


About Feetify for Selling and Buying Feet Pics is a website where buyers and sellers of feet pictures and videos meet. They can connect, chat, buy, sell, and enjoy gorgeous feet pictures/videos of beautiful females (and males).

This website offers users with amazing tools to connect even as they relish the pleasure of accessing the feet pictures or videos they want.

As at the time of writing this review, Feetify has over 50,000 active members and you too can join as buyer or seller of feet pictures.

As a buyer, you can access thousands of awesome customized images and videos from gorgeous females who can connect and contact you personally.

As a seller, you can make money selling high quality customized feet pictures to thousands of feet lovers you have been exposed to.

Feetify premium membership is one of the best plans that allow users to access relevant tools and explore all the best advantages you cannot find in similar platforms.


How to use Feetify

To use Feetify, you can register as a buyer or seller of feet pictures or videos. The good news is that you can sign up with this platform for FREE!

If you intend to buy feet pictures from this platform, then you can use the search features to browse thousands of customized and high-quality feet pictures from sellers.

Once you get what you want, you can connect with the sellers by:

  • Clicking on the seller’s profile pictures and read more details about her.
  • Clicking the “dollar” sign under the seller’s pictures to give them cash tips or pay for the customized feet picture or video.
  • Clicking on the “photo” sign under the seller to view more feet pictures or videos samples.
  • Clicking on the “Comment” sign under the seller to send a private message to her.

If you sign up as a seller, then you can:

  • add a profile picture during your registration
  • add a cover picture to your page
  • Fill out your personal information and providing a good description of who you are.
  • Start to post high-quality feet pictures or videos. ‘
  • Get paid for your feet pictures via PayPal.

You can upgrade to Premium membership to enjoy the best features and tools that Feetify can provide.

A premium membership for both buyers and sellers are offered in two options:

  • You can pay $57 to access the benefits of Feetify for 5 months.
  • You can pay $97 to access the benefits of Feetify for 12 months.


Is Feetify Good and Easy to use?

Yes, Feetify is good and easy to use, thanks to the many benefits.

These benefits include:

  • You sign up for free
  • You can easily create your profile as a seller or a buyer
  • You can view thousands of feet pictures and videos of sellers
  • You can connect and chat with sellers or buyers as “friends”
  • You can send and receive messages from all sellers.
  • You can access customized and high-quality feet pictures even without upgrading to premium membership yet
  • You can take advantage of “Featured” pages to sell or buy the exact type of pictures you want.
  • You will get paid for being active and for posting high-quality feet pictures to this site if you are a seller.
  • You can enjoy the faster response from the Feetify customer service team within seconds of sending your request, question, complaints, or issues.
  • Your privacy is kept safe as Feetify handles all payments for customized feet pictures and videos.
  • You will receive cash gifts from buyers if you are a seller

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Does Feetify work?

Yes, this platform for selling and buying feet videos and pictures really works.

It already has many thousands of models joining to sell their pictures and also has buyers and those who love feet, joining to buy feet pictures and videos.

It’s easy to see that the site works by checking their “active members” page, their “featured models” page and even their “models paid”.

Their “active members” page shows thousands of members who have been very active on the site.

Their “featured models” page shows the models who are active and have been featured.

Their “models paid” page shows some of the models who are not just active but have been paid by many foot lovers and buyers.


Is Feetify a scam or legit site?

Feetify is definitely not a scam site. It is a 100% legit site and has thousands of members buying and selling feet pictures and videos.

Feetify offers and boasts of lots of benefits.

You may think that these are “too good to be true” and hence the question will arise:

“Is Feetify a scam or genuine site?”

Again, I want to emphatically state that “FEETIFY IS A GENUINE SITE, AND IT IS NOT A SCAM”.

Here are my reasons for stating the obvious about this site.

1. Feetify is a legit and offers services recognized by law

Feetify is a legit website. It operates as a distinct business entity with a domain that is not referencing any well-known brand or product.

The selling and buying of feet pictures are legit just like other picture selling businesses.


2. Feetify is used by Real people you can connect with

There are thousands of members who have joined Feetify.

Most of them are real people whom you can connect and relate with one-on-one and real-time.

They are not robots nor simulated fake members posted by the site owners.


3. Feetify is professionally designed

Feetify is a genuine website because it is professionally designed. It is not like one of those websites with poor designs, dead links, grammar, and spelling mistakes.

Once you access this site, you will notice that it is not one of those websites put together by someone who is just out to make a profit without being business-centric.


4. All Payment within Feetify is through PayPal

Feetify uses PayPal as its source of receiving and making payments between users.

This goes to show that it is using a trusted and secured payment gateway.

If anything goes wrong in the transaction, the buyer and seller are covered based on the reversal terms or return policy.


5. Feetify does not demand any Upfront Payment

Feetify does not require an upfront fee from users before they can join. It’s 100% free to join.

As a membership site, you can only sign up free, and if you wish to access more features, you can then upgrade to Premium membership.


6. The site’s benefits or advantages are real and true

The benefits or advantages offered by Feetify to both buyers and sellers are real.

There is no question of whether the offers are too good to be true because they are TRUE!

You can check out the Testimonial section or “Sellers Paid” page to view what users have to say about this platform.


7. There are Strict Rules to follow or get banned

Feetify is a site that offers lots of benefits to members. However, to make the most of this website, one must read and observe the rule put in place on the “Rules” page.

Failure to adhere to the rules may cause you to be banned from the website.

Some of the most glaring rules:

  • “You must be at least 18 years old to participate in Feetify.
  • Don’t use a fake profile picture of someone’s face or feet, claiming it as yours.
  • Don’t post fake feet pictures/videos of someone else, claiming them as yours.
  • Don’t post celebrity feet pictures/videos or those you find from other sites or Google, claiming them as yours.
  • Don’t post low-quality pictures/videos. The real money is in buyers giving you cash tips and buying your customized versions, so feel free to post high-quality pictures/videos…”

There are more rules you can check out on the “Rules” page.


How to delete your Feetify account?

If you no longer want to use your account, for whatever reason, you can delete your account yourself. Feetify allows all users to delete their accounts from their settings page.

To delete your account, simply login and visit your “settings” page and you will be able to delete your account.

Just remember that Feetify says you can’t get your account back if you delete it and all your posts and messages will be completely deleted.


How much money can you make on Feetify?

You can make a lot of money selling your feet pictures and videos on Feetify. It already has a lot of foot lovers and potential buyers already buying from other models.

The site says you can make as much as $5, $10, $50 to even $100+ for pictures and even more for videos of your feet.

They also pay models even if buyers don’t buy from them. They do this through a program they call “cash awards”.


How does Feetify pay you?

They pay you using Paypal. Since it’s completely free to have a Paypal account, you shouldn’t have any problems getting paid by this platform.



From what you can see with this review, Feetify is indeed a legit and genuine website for those who are interested in safely buying and selling feet pictures.

It offers a lot of tools and features that make it stand out legitimately and it already has over 50,000 active users (as at the time of writing this review).

Some of the reasons why this is a genuine website have been shared above. Take your time to read them, to fully understand how the site works, before getting started.

Since it’s completely free to join the site, you can join and see how it works for you.


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