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How To Make Money Selling Breast Milk

Are you interested in making money with breast milk? If yes, then it is a good thing you are now reading this article.

Selling breast milk is one of the ways that many people make money today.

You will find the following details on how to make money selling breast milk very interesting.

First off, according to the World Health Organization (WHO),

“The best food for a newborn infant is breast milk from another healthy mother if the infant’s mother cannot breastfeed herself.”

This is a fact because there is a prevalence that around 2 percent of women cannot produce sufficient milk. The issue is not different from the receiving blood or sperm donation.


Why breastfeeding and the benefits of Breast Milk

Here is the importance of breast milk to babies:

  • Breast milk reduces the risk of some health issues and deaths in babies. For instance, the milk can prevent necrotizing enterocolitis, which is the most common cause of gastrointestinal related deaths in newborns and especially premature babies.
  • Breast milk contains antibodies, and for this reason, it helps to prevent infections.
  • Human milk is a vital source of nutrients for babies.
  • It also helps babies develop cold and flu resistance
  • Breast milk aids the baby in having greater cognitive development
  • For premature babies, breast milk decreases the likelihood of long-term health problems. E.g – high blood pressure

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Why people buy Breast Milk

There are many reasons why people buy breastmilk. They do this not just for fun but for serious reasons.

For most people buying breast milk means that the following suffice:

  • Not all women can breastfeed and so they need to buy breast milk to feed their babies. Naturally, the supply of breast milk can run out in some women.
  • Some women have health problems that could affect the production of milk in their bodies. So, it becomes necessary to buy breast milk.
  • Some women adopt babies at a tender age and would like to give these babies breast milk instead of using baby formulas. For this reason, they would opt for breast milk.
  • Some women don’t breastfeed because of time and career constraints. The may need to buy breast milk instead of stressing their breasts or bodies during the nursing process.
  • for women who have enough milk, the process may be painful, and so they would prefer to buy instead of undergoing the pain.
  • Some women face a lot of stress when breastfeeding because the baby isn’t able to latch on to the nipple well. This may be caused by mouth deformity, colic, or any other related physical disability.
  • – Other reasons that could affect lead some women to prefer buying breast milk include Medications, traumatic delivery, and health concerns regarding either the mother or the baby.

The above are the reasons why most people would want to buy breast milk.

The above reasons are not different from the most common reasons for the significant drop in breastfeeding, as shared La Leche League:

  •           “Difficulties in latching the baby
  •           Sore nipples and breasts
  •           Worries about milk supply
  •           Infections such as mastitis
  •           Negative stories in the press about breastfeeding in public
  •           Delays in the production of milk after the birth of a premature baby.”

We must be reminded that Studies show that 60% of mothers do not breastfeed as long as they intend to. so, there is a drop in breast Feeding.


get paid for breast milk


Reasons for Selling Breast Milk

If you are planning to sell breast milk then you must find a reason to do that.

Luckily, you will not go far to find a reason to start selling your breast milk.

Here are some common reasons to sell breast milk:

  • You want to sell breast milk to help women who don’t have enough milk to feed their babies. The reasons for the lack of supply can vary amongst women.

Some may not have because of the nature of their breast production, others may not produce because of health issues, stress, pains, or simply lack of interest.

You may want to sell breast milk to help your fellow woman.

In some cases, you also donate the milk instead of accepting payment for it.

  • You need cash to solve your issues. Yes, most people now sell their breast milk because they simply need the money. They can earn up to $50 or $75 for producing up to 25 to 35 ounces of milk in a day.

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How much can you sell breast milk for?

Selling breast milk gives the seller some good money.

An average baby consumes around 25 ounces of breast milk daily. Some babies even drink more.

So at $2 per ounce, you can earn about $50 to $75 per day.

With these statistics, it means that in a week, you can make around $350 to $525. This translates to around $1,400 to $2,100 in a month.


Ways that women sell breast milk

There are two ways to sell breast milk. These are:

1. Via milk banks

Milk banks are platforms where breastfeeding mothers with a high supply of human milk can donate their milk for users.

Some of these platforms may pay you while others may not.

Some popular milk banks you can check out include:

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2. Through online websites

Some websites deal mainly with the sale and buy of breast milk.

You can check out these websites to ensure you sell your breast milk for profit:

The milk banks and breast milk membership websites offer the term to which you can follow to sell breast milk. So, read and follow their terms.



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