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How to Make Money Reading Books and 7 Best Companies that Pay

Getting paid to read books is a really good way of making money doing what you love.

Keep reading to learn how this works and how doing what you love can make you money, while also increasing your knowledge.


Making Money Reading Books

Do you consider yourself a bibliophile?

That’s the fancy term for someone who loves book, by the way 🙂

If only someone gave you a dollar for reading a book every time, don’t you think you would have earned so much by now?

Do you want to spend more time on something you love and maybe make a few bucks out of it?

What is the key to earning?

You will write a review about the book once you’re done reading it.

No matter which genre you like,  fiction, nonfiction, or classics,  there’s probably something out there that you can write about.

Most websites give you the option of either choosing the book yourself or assigning you anything. You read the complete book and then write a review of about 150 to 300 words.

Once you submit it on their website, they check your output, and if it passes their basic requirements, you can choose between getting paid or keeping the book if you liked it.

It’s not as easy as just selling feet pics like this article explains of course, but it is fun for those who really love books.


Best Companies To Get Paid Reading Books

Here are some of the best companies that pay for book reviews.


1. Online book club

It’s a website that allows you to post your reviews regarding the books you read. Initially, they don’t pay you to write reviews, but once you’ve written a few, you start getting paid.

They send you free books to read, and once you’re done, you could write a review of the books on their website.

Based on the type of novel sent or how experienced you are in writing reviews, you will be paid anywhere between $5 to $30 per review.

It’s a website that provides honest feedback about books and their authors and allows a quick way to promote their work.

It is one of the most trustworthy sites that are transparent about the rates that they pay.


2. Kirkus Media

Kirkus Media is one of the biggest and most reputable companies out there, and you might have spotted the name on the book cover of one of your favorite titles.

Kirkus media boasts of an open application for book reviewers. Most of the time, they’re searching for people who would like to review English and Spanish writing.

They expect you to write 350-word reviews in a couple of weeks. If you want to apply, you have to send your resume and a writing sample via email.

To have a better opportunity of being selected, you should also add talents and experience to your resume. Sometimes they have applications open for copywriters and editors as well.

They review almost 10,000 books per year, so they have plenty of work for you irrespective of your favorite genre.

They do not publicize their payment rates, but reviewers say that they’ve been paid up to $50 per review they’ve written.


get paid to read and review books


3. Publishers Weekly

They are a Weekly News Magazine that also focuses on book publishing. More often than not, their website has listings for book reviewers and copywriters.

Regardless of the number of reviews you write on this website, all reviewers hired are paid an honorarium.

They publish fiction and nonfiction novels, so if you want to apply, you need to send your resume and a sample writing of a 200-word review of a recently published book.

It is the best starter ground for anyone who wants to begin their careers in this direction.

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4. Reedsy discovery

Reedsy discovery is highly active in helping authors self-publish their books.

They are very popular with newcomers and pay people to write reviews for new authors’ books.

They also have a newsletter where they publish these reviews, and the subscribers to these newsletters have access to all of them.

If you like reading books by new upcoming authors, you should give this website a try.

You have to fill in a form to start on this journey, and once you’re accepted, you can browse through thousands of titles even before they are published.

You get paid $1 to $5 for each of your reviews, like tips, by the readers of your studies.

There are many genres to pick from that can pique your interest, and as you start building up a steady base, you can liaise with these new authors, and they contact you directly for the reviews of their upcoming books.

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5. The U.S. review of books

It’s a company that publishes books for a variety of genres.

Here you’re paid to write reviews from anywhere between 250 to 300 words long.

The unique thing about this website is that the books must be edited Chicago style.

After you’ve been assigned a book, you must turn in your review within 2 to 3 weeks.

Based on your preference, titles are assigned to you, and as a reviewer, you are paid monthly based on the work that you’ve done.

You are paid by cheques that are issued every 5th of the month.

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make money reading books


6. Writerful books

This website has books from Australian, American, Canadian, British, and New Zealand authors.

To begin on this website, you have to write non-paid reviews initially.

After you become regular in writing good reviews, you will be paid anywhere between $10 to $50 depending on the type of book and the kind of report that you write.

The best reviewers frequently earn Amazon gift cards worth $100 each.


7. Women’s reviews of books

This 36-year-old feminist magazine has been in the business for quite some time now.

It has earned its reputation as a highly respected publication.

It is part of the Wellesley Center for Women and collaborates with publishing in Pennsylvania.

They are continually looking for new book reviewers to join their team.

Since the payout is high, at  $100 per book review,  their selection criteria are also top-notch.

Most of the writers for women’s review of books are journalists and writers themselves, and in the field of academe with years of experience on them.

The reviews in the magazine are published as part of a consciousness creation effort.

Your reviews need to be thought-provoking, chirpy, and easily understandable by a broad base of keen readers.

To apply, you have to send them an email with a resume, cover letter, and a written sample.

The company is quite serious about professionalism and timeliness in their work field, which is why they want reviewers to meet deadlines.

Are any of the book readers out there excited yet?  I’m so thrilled about sharing this article with you!

You can finally turn your passion for reading into making a livelihood for yourself.

Happy reviewing and getting paid!

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