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How to Get Paid to Test Products and the 8 Best Companies that Pay

It’s true – you can get paid to test products.

In most cases the products will even be products you absolutely love and enjoy.

In such cases it’s like a dream come true – getting paid for what you actually enjoy.

There are instances where people even get paid to play and test games they absolutely love.

Keep reading to see how this works and the actual companies that really pay.

Also, if you consider yourself a fan of blogs where people write reviews and wonder how so many people get to test so many products, this article can be an excellent discovery for you.


How Getting Paid To Test Products Work

Do you think only influencers get to review products, or maybe the filthy rich who can afford anything for themselves and they buy these products to post about them online?

Yes, both of these may be true.

How can an ordinary person then get to try free products, use them, and post a review online?

It’s a legitimate activity known as product testing in which you can earn products to test or receive cash or gift cards.

Remember how fancy those unboxing videos on YouTube seem to be?  Do you want to know if they are legitimate about their claim?

So, why do companies do this?

Before going for market research or launching a new product into the market, companies would like genuine users to test their products and provide feedback.

This way, they can decide on the best ways to market them and try to understand where they stand with the competitor products.

So, companies generally send out new products to write reviews, and some even pay to write about the newly launched items.

Depending on the kind of feedback they receive, they can define various ways to understand if they need to modify the product, change the market guidelines, or scale back production, and adapt to customer needs.


Best Companies That Pay You To Test Products 

Below, we’ve listed the best companies that pay you to test products.


1. Survey Junkie

This free-to-join website pays members to give reviews on their products and also takes them in to become influencers for their products.

Based on the number of items you review you earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards or paid out via PayPal.

The points never expire so you check out Survey Junkie to work according to your schedule and convenience.

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2. Toluna influencers

Toluna uses influencers to get market research done for products before they launch them in the market.

They hire people who have a substantial following across the world, who can engage a lot of customers.

Anyone is allowed to create a free account, and you have to apply for testing products before you can become an influencer on their website.

Once you are chosen for a specific product, you will be sent the item, and your job is to answer the questions included.

A lot of toiletries and cosmetic companies affiliate with them so you can expect similar items to test.

Since they collect anywhere from 200 to 500 user reviews for a single product, you have a high chance of being chosen even if everybody is picked randomly.

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3. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is one of the oldest and most well-trusted market research firms.

They are also known for having the best rates for users involved in product testing.

They are associated with food and beverage brands, so you can be exposed to identical items to be tried out.

They pay you in points and you can cash them out via PayPal or cheque.


4. One Opinion 

Although they are a relatively new survey website, they create a lot of noise on the scene.

When you sign up with them, you will be working directly with big brands to improve their product offers.


earn money testing products


What you need to do is fill out their application, answer a few questions, and be invited to answer surveys on their website.

They pay in points as well, and you can redeem these for rewards such as Amazon gift cards, Visa gift cards, or cash out directly to your PayPal account.

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5. Opinion Outpost 

Another reputable company in the field of market research is Opinion Outpost. They are looking for people to take on short surveys regarding new products.

They try to keep their surveys as short as possible so that you can cash on the maximum amount of money in a short time.

They pay you in the form of Amazon and iTunes gift cards, but you can also redeem cash via PayPal.


6. Vindale Research

This is another genuine company that really pays members just for testing products and sharing their thoughts and opinions.

The best part about this research firm?

You get to keep all the products that they send you for testing, and they can even pay you up to $50 for each review!

Now that sounds like a deal, wouldn’t you agree?


7. BzzAgent 

As a relatively new company, BzzAgent focuses exclusively on the testing of newly launched products.

Most of the tasks on their website include writing product reviews, answering surveys, and being part of focus groups, etc.

What you need to do is create your profile by answering a series of questions and a few surveys that help determine your interests, demographics, and areas of expertise.

Then they send you products for trial, and you can take up to eight weeks to test the products, share the results on social media, and send your findings back to BzzAgent.

Their products include a lot of gadgets, cosmetics, toiletries, and home equipment.

Earlier, they used to give cash as well, but recently, they only send products for testing.

They keep an eye out for people who share a lot of feedback on Instagram and Facebook, and those people tend to receive a lot more items to review in the future as well.


8. Influenster 

Influenster is an app that asks you short questions that they send you in the form of notifications.

These questions aim to understand your preferences, and if you qualify, they send you monthly VoxBoxes.

Even though you don’t get paid to test products, everything you receive is mostly free, and you can keep them.

These are not your regular products but from some of the biggest brands in the food and beauty market.

Although online ways are not the only methods by which you can be paid to test products, offline means will require you to be connected to a marketing agency to receive the products for testing.

On the other hand, anyone can apply online and qualify if the product matches their preferences.

If you join a couple of the app websites mentioned above, you can receive various products for testing.

Although this does not guarantee that you will receive a product every other day, signing up for more than one website gives you access to a broader range of options.

Remember that there are thousands of people like you who signed up for these websites. That’s why a little bit of patience helps in the entire game.

Based on your demographic data, the companies will send you products to write reviews.

Study the product thoroughly, and when you become a regular in these tasks, you will start to receive more and more.

So, sign up and have fun in your product reviews!


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