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How to Get Paid to Lose Weight and the 7 Best Companies that Pay

Getting paid to lose weight sounds too good to be true but it’s really true.

Make sure you read this article to end to learn exactly how this works and how you can really start getting paid to lose weight.

Being fit takes a lot of time, discipline, and money. Making time even for just a few minutes, as long as you are working towards your objective, is easy.

Moreover, having discipline is no sweat to someone with a focused and goal-oriented mind.

Losing weight through eating less is effective, but not to everyone. This fact leads to people going to a gym or a fitness studio and eventually purchasing a membership for an assured path of wellness.

For less contact with people, others just buy equipment, hire a personal fitness instructor, or simply watch exercise videos on the internet.

Now, money is the one factor that people are mostly concerned about, and a possible burden in the ‘fitness journey’ ahead. But there’s good news.

You can now lose weight and be rewarded at the same time!

Keep reading to know a few of the websites, applications, and programs that are willing to reward and help you at the same time.


Best Companies that Pay You To Lose Weight

Below are the best and most genuine companies that really reward and pay you, to lose weight…


1. Achievement

This program, initially known as “AchieveMint,” rewards you with points for doing activities such as tracking your data on body weight, water intake, sleeping patterns, dietary plans, and exercises, to name a few.

To collect points, you have to link your Achievement account with your fitness-tracking applications like Samsung Health, Google Fit, and the like.

It can be connected to over 30 iOS and Android apps, so I’m sure there’s one for you.

You can also earn by completing the yes or no and health research surveys, plus getting 250 points as a referral bonus. The gathered points are convertible into cash (1,000 points is equal to $1).

The payment is made through PayPal or direct bank deposits when you have obtained 50,000 points or $50 cash.


earn money losing weight


2. HealthyWage

If you are a fan of healthy competition (pun intended), this is the best program.

Set your goal weight, the time frame you think, or target to reach the said goal, put down some cash, and start.

What’s fun in this course is that you can be part of at most ten challenges simultaneously, and team challenges are available.

If you’re on the ‘plus-size’ category, you sure can expect bigger prizes as they are rewarded to people who are statistically proven to need more time to lose weight.

Another fun fact is that the website is sponsored by hospitals, insurers, and government organizations, so you know it’s legitimate.

Similar to how waging goes typically, you need to have the cash to start on the program, and there’s the possibility of losing the waged money if the goal is not met.

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3. Bounts

With this program, you will be rewarded for losing weight within a specific time frame and by reaching a daily goal.

Here, you also have to connect your account to a fitness app for the tracking feature.

You earn points by completing your daily objectives, extra points for joining in workout challenges, plus bonus points through referral.

The points can be redeemed in the form of discounts or exclusive offers from known brands and shops.

However, you can only join the challenges if you have gathered enough points, and they are not convertible to cash.


4. Pact

Like ‘HealthyWage,’ Pact lets you wage money and pays it back to you with some extra if you did accomplish your ‘Pact.’

Eating less and exercising more are some of the goals you can set for yourself every week.

In using Pact, it’s possible to earn weekly and get paid through PayPal. Also, note that you get cash if other members did not meet their ‘pacts.’

The program is available as a free application. But then, you need cash for the weekly wage, and you lose the money if the Pact is not completed.


5. WellCoin

This reward program, which is also an application, has features that will keep an eye on your fitness activities and give you points depending on your progress.

Other ways to earn points are doing normal activities such as jogging, having an eight-hour sleep, engaging in a specific diet, and the like.

Your collected points can be exchanged for free healthy foods, exercise classes, workout gears, and more. The scores are also convertible to cash, where 100 WellCoins is equivalent to $1.

However, redeeming is only possible when 1,000 WellCoins or $10 is reached.

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get paid to lose weight


6. DietBet

DietBet is another waging program, but this one comes with three weight loss plans.

The ‘Kickstarter’ plan is where you are allowed to lose 4% body weight within 28 days while the ‘Transformer’ plan allocates 10% body weight loss within six months.

Lastly, the ‘Maintainer’ plan is for those who want to keep their weight in 12 months.

The program is made specifically for team activities. So, you will be paid while socializing and be associated with an aspiring community.

The good thing is that tracking your improvement is evident as you move on from one plan to another.


7. Runister

A unique feature of Runister is that it provides questions about your lifestyle and that you are required to answer them.

This program is a fitness application for the ones who are ‘on the move.’

The app lets you earn real cash through walking and running outdoors, with a payment rate of $0.08 per mile. Redeem your money exclusively via PayPal at the minimum withdrawal of $5.

There is also an option to donate to your chosen charity.


Losing weight has never been more entertaining and appealing because you are paid back for doing something that is actually for you in the long run.

As we all know, weight loss is a decision that entails a lifestyle modification – not merely a one-day, quick-fix meal reduction.

If you want, whether just to lose a few pounds or be fit towards an entirely ‘new you,’ signing-up in the programs mentioned above and apps is a good investment.

What’s more, fitness itself is a decent prize, and binding it with extra cash and rewards will more likely keep you committed to your goals.


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